Nov 16, 2007

Media whores (with hearts of gold).

Anyone interested in the commoditization of modern art might want to watch this interview with Harlan Ellison.

It's a great (and blessedly brief) alternate viewpoint to the uber-capitalist ethic of most mainstream art - strangely enough, by a man demanding more money for little work. It also makes a very timely point, considering the writers' strike in Hollywood.

In my dealings with the world of microstock photography, there are two huge camps of people: those who feel that amateurs are "racing to the bottom" in their drive to achieve micro-fame and pico-money... and those who feel that getting some money for their art is better than not getting any. I am pretty firmly in the latter camp, but I can certainly see their point.

See this thread for a glimpse into the world of micro-haters. My (hard-earned) 2 cents is on display near the end. Note, also, that there are far more involved discussions within Flickr on this subject.

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