Nov 9, 2007

Area couple drinks Kool-Aid.

The digital duo on Glenlake have just added their gear to the Big Nikon List.
No word on anybody else (looking at you, Mike and Widge).

Ken Murray. Genius.

If you dig seeing your friends reap the rewards they deserve, have a peek at Ken's award-winning fiction.

If, on the other hand, you like seeing the worst photo possible of said friend.

Thanks for the invite to the only best reading I have ever attended.

(Ken, you and I have a date with a cool location and some strobes.)

Jet Blue for cheap-o flights.

These guys got us a return flight for 2 to NYC for $357 US return. The catch is, you have to go out of Buffalo. As you might imagine, Pearson and Air Gouge Canada was significantly more dear.

Something to consider for XYNYX.