Nov 15, 2007

Second "Life"

From the makers of bottled water...

There is a game out there where (700,000) people just walk around and interact with other agoraphobic avatars. You can get a job, buy sh*t, go to strip clubs.

Is it just me, or does this makes "phone sex" seem quaint?

Among other things that would make you think you were being had, there is a woman who has amassed a (real) fortune by speculating on (virtual) real estate! Beat that, Tripp!

There is also someone who is collecting major dollars by stocking up virtual stores with her virtual clothing line!

I have a feeling I'm 16 months off the curve here, but this is pretty psycho. (On the bright side, playing D&D in the 80's is starting to look like joining the Peace Corps.)

Wiki article.

Who Dirty?

Another classic. It must have been the sight of Lieutenants Matisko and Thibault that brought back my craving for this duo.

(Boy, this ripping people off thing is tiring work.)