Apr 7, 2008

Area man's thumb fused to 'Control' button.

Toronto - Canada
After years of regaling unreceptive co-workers with time-saving tips on the use of keyboard short-cuts, area man Jeremy Sale had to call emergency workers to sever his left thumb from the "command" key ('control key' for PC users) on his Mac G4.

An unusually long string of short cuts involved copying a site address (cmd+ c), opening a new tab (cmd+t), pasting the address to the new tab (cmd+v), switching to Word (cmd+tab), pasting that address into Word (cmd+v), saving the Word doc (cmd+s), then quitting Word (cmd+q).

Although initially impressed with the long variety of short-cuts he had employed, Mr. Sale found that his left thumb had finally fused to the key itself.

Emergency workers initially removed the thumb and plastic key together, in order to more easily attend to the thumb/key separation - a scenario that Sale was informed might involve caustic liquids. According to Sale, he "just wishes he could 'cmd-z' the whole episode".

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Widget said...

When I was a boy, we had to carry our 40 lb. Osbornes 10 miles to school, uphill both ways! You Mac guys think you're so superior. CMD this and CMD that. Well look what it got you! A fused thumb that's what!