Jun 23, 2008

Class Clown, R.I.P.

First Pryor, now Carlin.

I caught myself missing him when I heard the news this morning, until I realized that I already missed him yesterday.

Carlin and Pryor both died at what could easily be described as the nadir of their creative careers. I think Carlin would actually enjoy that - now that he has the benefit of a clear, third-party perspective. He sincerely began to despise the world - or more accurately, the people in it. More grievous a sin was the fact that he long ago traded 'funny' for puerile, demagogic ranting. It was like having Dennis Miller suddenly become a vapid Republican stooge. Oh wait...

And, hey... you think there's someone still doing time in Hell on the "meat rap"? If there is a Catholic God, He has spared no expense constructing a tenth circle for Carlin. It involves a three-piece suit; his agent, Jerry Falwell; and a big audience of silent crickets.

Do yourself a favour, listen to Class Clown, A Place for my Stuff, or FM & AM tonight. Vinyl, if you've got it.

"Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits."

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Fishtard said...

"Anyone can have bad breath Marge, but you could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon."

When I was eight my brother gave me a milk crate full of LPs he didn't want anymore. At the very back were two George Carlin records. I don't remember what else was in that crate other than a very scratched copy of Zeppelin III, the cover stained with streaks of what I would later realize was hash oil, but Class Clown and AM & FM rarely left my turntable for the next four years (which probably explains a lot about why I turned out the way I did). I learned more about imagination, perspective, and creativity from those records than I did from all of my "education" (I also learned how to drop an f-bomb with style).

It was very sad to see the bitter, unimaginative parody of himself Carlin became. Sadder still to see how few people could tell the difference.