Jun 6, 2008

Lord of the Pogie

I was watching So You Think You Can Dance? against my will last night, and as entertained as I was, I think the real question is:

So You Think You Can Make Any Money Whatsoever Being a Professional Dancer, Ever... Even If You Win?

Math Exercise 
(please show work):

Take the average income of the top five contestants in any season of American Idol...
...divide that by the number of times you were beat up in high school.
...subtract the number of times you've watched Cabaret and Chicago.
...multiply by total income (in cents) as busking break-dancer in front of Eaton Centre.
Now, multiply that by the square root of bupkis and add one dollar.

Jillian... Ryan... Daddy's talking, here.
Earrings, tattoos, pierced cerebellum, anything but dancing, I implore you. 
(and stand-up comedy)

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