Jun 2, 2008

That which is overrated.

  1. The original, "Japanese version" of The Ring. Love it or leave it, pal. Besides, subtitles in a horror movie are about as distracting as live colour commentary during sex.
  2. Hybrid vehicles. Call me crazy, but putting another shiny new car on the road sounds suspiciously un-green. Concerned about emissions? How 'bout easing off on the the lentils, Hempy McVegan.
  3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Krappy Kliches. Starts with Indy surviving a nuclear bomb. Ends with a flying saucer. Everything in between is implausible.
  4. Spoiler alerts.
  5. Stella Artois. Sure it's tasty, but anything that proudly traces its European roots to the outbreak of the Black Death can't possibly be a good idea. Also, Belgium sucks.
  6. The Sports Page. Not unless the newspaper had a daily section on D&D hit-point analysis, could this be less relevant to my life.
  7. Any Mars mission that doesn't involve Sharon Stone in spandex. Okay. Once more with feeling: Sand? Check. Rocks? Check. Hmmm... have we looked for sand yet? (Hint: If you want to spend a lot of money looking futilely for free water, try a restaurant in Toronto.)
  8. Expensive wine. Here's a conversation beer-drinkers have never had: "Say, this is nice." "Yes, it is, isn't it. Andrea and I were on this brewery tour in Ancaster and we just fell in love with it. We're having custom bottles at our wedding."
  9. GPS. In my heart, I know this is unavoidably cool technology, but seriously - do I really need two voices telling me to get into the right lane?
  10. Blog rants that are arbitrarily listed in tens.

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