Aug 28, 2008

Film look for video.

To achieve a fairly good-looking facsimile of film (from video footage) in Final Cut Pro, do the following:

  1. Colour-correct your existing clip with the 3-way CC filter.
  2. Add de-interlace filter (upper/odd) to this clip.
  3. Duplicate the clip and place it above.
  4. In the new layer, change the field dominance to (lower/even)
  5. Reduce opacity of top layer to about 50% (in Motion tab)
  6. From Video Filters, choose Glow effect, Bloom for slight gauze effect.
  7. Set Amount to about 6, Brightness to 70, Threshold to 75.
  8. Re-colour-correct both layers.
  9. Add small amount of Gaussian Noise to lower layer (in Screen mode), mix to taste.
  10. Render.
  11. Bask in glory of your genius and hide from the DOP, whose work you just cocked up.
Note, De-interlace gives you the pseudo-flicker; everything else gives you the tonality.

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