Oct 14, 2008

Bad Parenting 104

Here’s a rule I forget twice as often as I remember:

If you ever feel compelled to bribe a child with a future reward, don’t.

Thursday might as well be next year.

Case study:
Your son is bumming out at bed-time. Probably because he is overtired, was not allowed to play Wii Bowling at 7:45 and was also not allowed to take his camera with him to bed (don’t ask).

Do you:

a) Give in.

b) Let him stew on it, knowing he will be asleep in seven minutes and will forget all by morning.

c) Tell him that all his problems are trivial, because you’re taking him out of school on Thursday so that you can bowl for real!

Well, it ain’t (c), brother.

Actual response:
“You mean tonight?”
“No. Thursday.”
“No. Thursday.”
(Long silence, followed by deep sigh and deeper moping.)

Congratulations, Dad. Not only have you worsened the situation, you have now invalidated all praise you might have received on Thursday morning.

Bowling on Thursday is now a gutter ball... unless we go to McDonald's!

P.S. Here's the Wii Bowling trick.


Anonymous said...

That Wii bowler dude is entirely too happy about a strike. Also, there is something weird going on with his relationship to his dog.
Bob P.

JS said...

That's indicative of a condition known as Easter Egg Ebulience.