Nov 4, 2008


Here are the entries, and I have to tell you... I am impressed.
Sadly, the
Feist tickets were recently traded on Craigslist for a 1972 issue of Mayfair.


From David W. Henderson:

comadose (adj.)
1. The quantity of a drug required to put somebody to sleep.

postpramdial (adj.)
1. After exiting a stroller.

domestimate (v)
1. To seek a partner, specifically for the purposes of shacking up, and breeding.

cacaphony (n)
1. A piece of shit, formed of multiple colours or textures of fecal matter.

tobiggan (n)
1. A very large sled.

pornucopia (n)
1. An abundance of, or plentiful supply of smut.

afropos (adj.)
1. Of a nature pertinent to black people.

ventriloquest (n)
1. An epic search for Charlie McCarthy.

anomany (n)
1. Many things all considered strange or unusual.

Afflecktation (n)
1. An attempt to assume or exhibit unusual behaviours, such as dating Gweneth
Paltrow or Jennifer Lopez; or appearing in crappy films with Matt Damon.

leximon (n)
1. A Jamaican dictionary

sandatorium (n)
1. A place for crazy children to play with toy trucks.

fornacrate (v)
1. To have sex inside a large box.

flagellatte (n)
1. A coffee with extra whipped topping.

stagmata (n)
1. Scars or body markings (esp those on hands or feet) resulting from events at
a bachelor party.

goneads (n, pl.)
1. Removed testicles.

mashcarpone (n)
1. Soft cheese made in a mobile army surgical hospital.

helter-top (n)
1. A (esp female) serial killer's garment, covering the upper chest.

soaphisticate (n)
1. A worldly-wise, and clean, person.

artistocrat (n)
1. A person who inherits wealth, and is therefore enabled to produce art
regardless of talent, without the distraction of working for a living.
2. An guy with a paint brush and easel walks into a talent agency...

From Wendy Macpherson:

Attirude (n)
1. Typical Charme Parisienne

From Robert Byron Pyke:

1. Dressing up as red guy/ blue guy and sitting in your basement playing Halo instead of going out for Halloween or otherwise interacting with humanity

allcohol (n)
1. what you drank last night consisting of a cocktails, beer , wine, port, and Dear God...Rye.

bangover (n)
1. next morning regretful shameful feeling after having one night stand. Often related to Allcohol.

mamory (n)
1. recalling a great pair of ya-yas

sunconscious (n)
1. that momentary state of brain freeze when you accidentally stare straight in to the sun.

From John Richard Rose:

1. the spirit, attitude, or general outlook of a specific time or period, esp. as it is reflected in annoyingly catchy pop songs.

barchitect (n)
1. a person who designs dog houses.

morasses (n)
1. a slowly developing morass.

From Victoria Taylor

gelatio (n)
1. an oral act that achieves heightened pleasure through the consumption of frozen confections.
2. place at Church and Wellesley that sells Italian treats.

From Kenneth Murray:

belt curve (n)
1. The adjustment of clothing in order to present one's physique in closer relation to the "average"

shenanigains (n)
1. Increase in social status resulting from dubious behaviour.

deependable (adj.)
1. Always willing to do something drastic, when suggested, to liven things up at a party. "He's totally deependable. Remember that time he threw himself down the stairs?"

From the editor:

consumptin (v)
1. ingesting something freely, even though you're not quite sure what it is.

pist-coital (adj.)
1. describing an intoxicated sex act that is begun against all odds, then goes on way too long, due to unpredictable male reaction to allcohol. Compare: past-coital.
See also: whisky dick, cottage cock.

afterbourner (n)
1. device introduced to an action movie that provides extra thrust; usually ultra-fast cutting and very loud, drawn-out fight scenes.

gentripfication (n)
1. the process of renewing and rebuilding a reasonably eligible bachelor into a viable husband.

Bonomatopoeia (n)
1. singer who prefers the sound of his political statements to his music.

transbender (adj.)
1. being intoxicated to such a level as to eschew traditional gender boundaries and corresponding sexual norms.
(e.g. Due to the consumptin of allcohol, Chris went on a transbender and woke up with stagmata and a deeply embarrassing bangover.)

petrospect (n)
1. a rumination of past gas prices.
esp. in petrospect: wishing you had gassed up three days ago, when the price was 5 cents less per litre.

Poogle (n)
1. crossbred dog of questionable lineage.
2. search engine that looks for old tennis balls.
Compare Poogol and Poogolplex: an impossibly large number of dogs.

pepilepsy (n)
1. Neurological disorder that affects cheerleaders who get too caught up in the game.
2. Unprovoked seizures that result from eating too many mint patties.