Jan 4, 2008

Viva la Resolu├žion!

My apologies to people who automatically get notified on updates. This exists mostly as a reminder to myself for January 1, 2009.

Resolutions for 2008:

1) Floss three times a week. Hey, that's a 50% increase for me.

2) Photograph something cool every week.

3) Find a way to destroy our 26" tube television without Michelle knowing it was my fault. If only I had a couple of... kids.

4) Keep Avoid writing blog entries in that insouciant, Mac-Guy/PC-Guy style that everybody uses – you know, writing that uses "nope" and "ummm", and is littered with ellipses, em dashes and three-word paragraphs that Ernie Schenck apparently gets a royalty from.

Three word paragraphs.

How very arresting.

5) Be in the room.

6) Never get out of the boat.

7) Always keep your mouth shut and never rat on your friends.

8) Walk tall. Absolutely the only thing I ever learned from Fashion Television (other than don't watch the Victoria's Secret show in loose-fitting pants) was to "walk like there is an invisible thread pulling upward on your head". I swear to God, this adds one and a half inches to your driver's license.

9) Stop arbitrarily numbering pet peeves and goals.

10) Go to New York with a bunch of other guys and drink in a dark bar for two days solid.

That's all, folks.