Aug 25, 2008

Bad Parenting 103

This isn't even topical since I have done it before, it's just that it was reinforced on Sunday because I did it in front of my wife. 

I crossed the line that separates parent from babysitter. The line that separates Dr. Spock from Doc Oc. 

I have given both of my children gum from the gum machine at No Frills.

I tried to pretend that it was a 'special treat' for Ryan's last day of soccer, when we all knew it was to keep them quiet. I did it so they would sit in their respective carts and chillax while Michelle and I rounded up our (mostly) nutritious week's supply. Ryan chewed his. Jillian ate hers whole. And Michelle tentatively chewed the extra one that Dubble Bubble cursed us with... for about 14 seconds before she glued it to the grocery list.

On the bright side, the kids were quiet, helpful and didn't once bug us for Kellogg's Kavity-Krisps or Very Berry Fudge Pudding-Peels. They even managed to not paw through the cashier's chocolate bar display that conveniently begins one centimeter above the floor.

I guess you could do worse. Like take them to a cock fight, perhaps.