Apr 28, 2009

What if...

... you went to bed 30 minutes early every night, instead of wishing you could snooze 30 minutes every morning?

... you traded fifteen minutes of TV every night for tidying up the house?

... you did ten push-ups and sit-ups every time there was a commercial break?

... instead of buying that shiny new piece of gear, you shot a great family portrait with the gear you already have, and treated everyone in the picture to dinner?

... for every hour you spent poring over photo blogs... you actually shot and uploaded one solid photo to your own.

... for every book you read by a photographer, you made a photo-book for yourself and put it out on the coffee table for everyone to see - and critique.

... you could trade every minute that you've ever wasted on 'Nikon vs. Canon', 'JPEG vs. RAW', and 'Mac vs. PC'... for a minute of debating what your next shoot will be.

... instead of wishing you were a better writer / photographer / guitar player - you wished your hands didn't hurt so much from writing, shooting and playing.

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