Jun 9, 2009

Strobist Boot Camp II begins.

David Hobby has revved up the machine again. Strobist Boot Camp II is on.

If you are unfamiliar, Hobby runs Strobist, a very infotaining photo-blog devoted to off-camera flash photography. He has a killer "101" introduction to lighting — a must read, if you have any interest in the subject — as well as his boot camps, which are intended to shame photographers into getting off their butts and pressing the little round thing on top of their cameras once in a while.

The assignments are perfect for those who like photography but spend too much time dithering on subject matter. (It's more like school than Parris Island — but school isn't a democracy, either. If you want a shot at the prizes, you gotta listen to the teacher.)

I can't recommend his blog enough.

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