Aug 18, 2009

Seamless, not peerless.

Dave & Wendy 1

Note: This post is mostly for my own benefit—as a checklist for my next session involving white seamless backdrops.
  1. Get a lot of headroom. Then get some more.

  2. Bring a friend... anybody... to help carry tileboard, seamless roll, and to help raise the backdrop crossbar. It's a real pain, otherwise.

  3. Get far away from groups, to effectively maximize the width of your backdrop.

  4. Use the reflective floor, and clean it right on the spot! Don't wait 'til post to erase those scuff-marks.

  5. Pull subjects far enough away from the seamless to minimize backdrop reflection on them—unless you want it.

  6. If you're doing a whole batch of shots in one way, use a grey-card off the top to calibrate your white balance.

  7. If you can at all help it, gobo the #&$% out of the backdrop strobes. It spills big time.

  8. Although I like primes, a quality zoom lens is handy for quickly switching between singles and group shots.

  9. Go M on your camera, and lock it down once you've thoroughly nailed the test-exposures.

  10. If you're only using one key light, get someone to hold a bounce on the other side for the group shots. 

  11. Overexposure is the enemy of good skin-tone. My last session went a little sunburn-y because of this. Nothing a little PS can't fix, but still... it's a good idea to watch your histograms—every channel, preferably.

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Robert J. Sherman said...

All are very good points ...