Jun 15, 2009

I'm not buyin' it.

[UPDATE (Sept 30, 2009) I am grudgingly re-thinking my original posting from June: Maybe I'm not buyin' it, but a whole hell of a lot of people are buying this. More power to you, Chase.]

Lensbabies? Holgas? iPhones?

It's one thing to take shots with these things, but posting them, too? Have pro photographers finally rolled the quality odometer? D3x too clean? Pentax not wacko enough? 

I appreciate up-to-the minute photo-awesomeness, but unless you just stumbled across Nessie or Amy Winehouse in a respectable evening gown, I'm probably not interested. 

I swear to God, I'm really trying not to be a snob here, but the whole point of a small, lightweight camera is to rock it. Buy yourself an Elph, for cryin' out loud. 

Chase posting iPhotos on his blog is like Ian McKellen wearing pink Crocs at the Oscars. I guess he's allowed to, but... why?

[Update 2: oh... I see. To kick ass and get people to rethink photography in the 21st century, while expanding their esthetic horizons. Damn. Never anticipated that part.]

Hey, if you're posting stuff on your own blog, then go for it. I mean, the whole point is to do your own thing. But if you're Twittering your pics, then please make a bit of an effort. Otherwise, I'm going back to my son's Fisher-Price.

Note/Apology: To prove how out-of-touch I can get, I was recently caught referring to someone's blog as being too "self-indulgent"—kind of like saying that the Oxford dictionary is "wordy".