Jun 23, 2009

You'd better not pout !

It's Free Portrait Day!

If you're in the neighbourhood this evening, come check out the Party In The Park in Mimico and get a down and dirty portrait from your truly. It's free... for me to take it. If you actually want it, you'll have to donate $10 to breast cancer research. Hey, fair's fair.

The "photo booth" consists of one rented backdrop kit (courtesy of Headshots in Toronto), and a mess of speedlights — a nod to Strobist Boot Camp II.

The idea came from a great posting I read on The Online Photographer, where Scott Streble spent a day taking free portraits of people, many of whom who were recently downsized.

Anyway, come on by, look for the flash pops, and lay down a sawbuck for the sisters.

UPDATE: due to strike-related snafu, the party has been relocated just north of the original location (Mimico Memorial Park) — to the field behind John English Middle School. You'll see signs.