Sep 14, 2009

Don't do what "Jeremy Don't" does—Ep. #1

Welcome to my new column. "Jeremy Don'tis my alter-ego. He offers great advice to photographers who desperately want to sabotage their next shoot. The column exists 20% as a cautionary tale, and 80% to rap myself on the head.

Off the top of my recently rapped head, here's some solid advice.
  1. Slave your third flash at a birthday party with lots of camera-happy relatives, because you're too cheap to buy a fourth Pocket Wizard. Can you say strobe-light?
  2. Forget the phone number of your client at home, even though you have the location and time written down.
  3. Leave your battery charger at the event, plugged into the wall.
  4. Eat too much of the delicious food that is graciously offered at the event.
  5. Don't rent a wind machine. That would only make women look great, and give people a reason to flock to your photo-booth in an overly hot church basement.
  6. Make sure your gear bag has no business cards. Wouldn't want to get any other business, would you? No.

Notes on the above:
  1. What was I smoking exactly? I guess I just love the SU-4 feature so much, I forgot about the other humans who have flash cameras at birthdays. 
  2. Thankfully, did not need it.
  3. Had my name and # written on it in Sharpie.
  4. Good food is good food.
  5. Did not really need yet another expense digging into my bottom line. (If I did it again, I'd rent/buy it in a heart beat, though.)
  6. Had a whack of them in my car. Still. Come on.
Also, I finally remembered to white-balance with a card at the start of the shoot, rather than the next day. Lightroom always does a great job on RAW after the fact, but it was nice to actually use the thing for its intended purpose once.