Nov 5, 2009

Things I would tell myself in... 1994.


'If I met my younger self from back then today, I’d say to him, “You’re just paying your dues, Kiddo. Frickin’ get over yourself…” '

Hugh MacLeod is a guy who naturally inspires. His site, his art, his philosophy... it's all part of a package that, for me, cuts to the chase of life itself. Life is short, success is hard. And thank God for that.

Anyway, I'm not here to pat Hugh on the back. He doesn't need it. (Besides, I bought some art recently, and I figure we're about even.)

But that quote made me think... what would I say to myself, say 15 years ago? Other than, "Are you Sarah Connor?" 

I know that hardcore advice, like "stop drinking", or "exercise more" would fall on deaf ears; even if it were coming from a 350 lb. alcoholic with an electric voice-box, so I tried to keep it simple.

Here's my first 10 thoughts:
  1. Keep working... at anything that pays.
  2. Quit hoping to be a stand-up, and go be a stand-up.
  3. You can't have 20 priorities. It's an excuse to not do anything.
  4. Quit drinking at bars so much. It's too expensive.
  5. Call your mother.
  6. That Elastica CD you bought isn't fooling anyone.
  7. Do more weekend trips to places you've never been.
  8. Carry yourself in a way that would piss off your ex-girlfriend.
  9. I'm not kidding. Ditch the  f*@#ing cowboy boots.
  10. Stop waking up the neighbours next door. They have kids, for cryin' out loud.
Anyway, barring any new discoveries at CERN, I'm guessing I won't be doling this advice out to the guy on Spencer Avenue in 1994, but it's a fun exercise. 

Not lost on me: 
smart 41-year-old would start planning the conversation he was about to have with that 56-year-old coming down the street in his DeLorean.