Mar 16, 2010

Things I have been paid to do.

I list these mostly as a cautionary tale for my children, as to why single-minded people are more successful than Dad.
Oh well, it was all fun!

In chronological order of pay-stubs:

  • Pick up rotten apples. (1 cent per apple, 500 apples. Good coin in 1974.)
  • Shovel snow at the church.
  • Perform magic.
  • Deliver Toronto Star.
  • Fry McNuggets.
  • Confirm house addresses for Etobicoke Guardian.
  • Sling gin.
  • Wait tables.
  • Direct cruises.
  • Spin the Money Wheel.
  • Blather about drivers' licensing.
  • Cut video.
  • Tell jokes.
  • Write magazine articles.
  • Produce television promos.
  • Take photos.
Hope they let me do that apple thing when I'm 90.