Jun 9, 2011

The hack guide to street photography...

...or, "Things I feel compelled to shoot, that have been done to death by more talented photogs."

  • Anybody with an umbrella.
  • Homeless guy (humorous signs only, please).
  • Kid with ice cream cone.
  • Hippy on vintage bicycle.
  • Vegetables at a market.
  • Asian woman in Chinatown (especially one who seems to hate you).
  • Any graffiti.
  • Construction guy with hardhat and cigarette.
  • Really, really old white guy (particularly awesome, since they can't chase and beat you).
  • Colourful door in otherwise dreary neighbourhood.
  • Small dog being carried in bike basket.

Note: the depth of a street photo is doubled by converting to black & white, and quadrupled by the use of actual film. Employing an f/1.2 lens (or lower) will result in weapons-grade art.

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