Jul 25, 2011

Ten tips for better photos.

(for beginners)

I get asked once in a while for beginner tips, so here's my advice...
  1. 90% of the reason to trade up to an SLR (that you can afford) is eliminating shutter lag. If you have kids, it will save you from an aneurysm.
  2. A kit lens is all you need, but consider buying a prime lens like the 50mm f/1.8. It's cheap and great for low-light and nice bokeh.
  3. Feel free to go auto-everything for a little while, the embrace Aperture Priority (with +/- compensation).
  4. Fill the frame with your main subject, but don't "bullseye" a person's face. 
  5. When in doubt... use the rule of thirds for composition. 
  6. If you can afford it, get Lightroom. It fixes lots of photos fast and is great for archiving.
  7. You can find some great shooting and editing tips on YouTube. There's tons of idiots out there, so find someone who isn't a knob and stick with them.
  8. Look at lots of photos for inspiration—especially bad ones.
  9. The more often you shoot, the more mistakes you will make. That's a good thing.
  10. Ask for help and constructive criticism from people who's opinion you care about. Ignore everybody else.

P.S. You want to take photos of your cat? Take photos of your cat!