Jun 29, 2012

Mostly on my other page* these days...

*I still hate the word "blog" with a passion. Ugh. I'm gonna find that guy, I swear!

So here's the thing...
No, I haven't been writing here much.
Yes, I've been writing elsewhere.

A good photo-friend of mine suggested that I put more emphasis on client-based blog entries. Prospective clients, he reminded me, are really big on seeing what you've been shooting lately, to get a sense of your vision. I have to agree. (The blog you're reading is kind of my go-to for photographer-based rants and other flotsam.)

So, from here on, you're going to see less here and more there; although I will be be throwing some stuff up here when I feel the call.

Again, here is the link. Hope you like it.

(If you're really hard up, you can peruse my articles in Chill magazine, but I really hope you have better reading material this summer!)

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