Jan 13, 2012

Son of the Bride of 'Reintarnation'

I thought I posted these a long time ago. Um, I was wrong. 
Thanks to all participants!

fratulence (n) odour, often rank, emanating from a large dwelling occupied by men aged 18-22.
-Ken Murray

incomsistent (-adj) lacking good cell phone coverage
plotsam (-n) load of books floating in the water
casserolo (-n) dish consisting of combination of chocolate treats
gallivent (-v) to run around freely complaining
-David Henderson

cointing: the process of slowing down a line at a retail store by paying with exact change.
agreenment: consensus on which activities are deemed 'good for the environment'.-Wendy Macpherson

bittersweat: perspiration that you know isn't actually reducing your weight in any long term manner‬
-Charlie T. via Wendy

spilunker‬:‪ a) one who spills your beer regularly by bumping the table underneath with his knee‬
‪ b) one who spills your beer by getting underneath patio tables and trying to make them more stable by using sugar packets and broken coasters under the table feet, in fact making the table less stable,
see Douchasaurus Rex‬
-CorinaS. via Wendy

non sequiturl: a forwarded link that has nothing to do with email it was sent in response to.
vacilities: found in any large organization, this department is responsible wavering and indecision
backteria: filth that accumulates on that spot you just can't quite reach in the shower. 

commutity: a collection of identical suburban dwellings on small clear-cut lots, connected by a network of streets named after trees.
-John Rose

preboot: (n.) a remake that discards all canon from a series that hasn't even been created yet.
tilapidated: The condition of fish that has been clumsily scraped from a baking sheet. 

abjective (n.) an extremely unpleasant describing word.
portfoolio: (n.) 1. a pilfered collection of images, designed to improve your photography. 2. a legitimate collection of original art that proves your utter lack of skill
pantioxidant: (n.) chemical in certain dark vegetables that releases inhibitions in a vegan.
savant garde: (adj.) experimental or innovative art that—uh oh... fifteen minutes to Wapner!